We are an engineering services company located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, that aims to provide the most effective construction management and design build services to assist project owners in executing their construction projects in a timely and cost-effective manner. 


Our main office and production plant are located in Belford Roxo city, close to major banks and commerce in general. The region also has plenty of parking and it is only 35 km far from the center of Rio de Janeiro and 20 km far from Galeão International Airport (GIG).


Qualifications: We have almost a decade of experience in planning, managing and executing civil construction projects, from demolition to building large projects. We work within the safety standards and with registered employees at the Engineering Regional Counsel.


Structure: we have our own technical advisory board of engineers, architects, technicians and workers trained to carry out the projects.




Mission: offer to our clients a singular, customized and qualified service in the civil construction field, reducing costs and breaking with the paradigms.


Vision: to be among the five largest companies in the construction industry in the Greater Rio region, being a reference in low cost and high quality services.


Values: (1) respect the client, our suppliers and employees, (2) maintaining professional ethics, (3) working with transparency and competence, (4) having commitment, valuing people's lives and caring for our community and 5) execute projects with excellence.


Our Commitment: to develop engineering solutions, with commitment and efficiency, showing the importance of the production chain, from the acquisition of the material or product to the final delivery of the project to the client, always seeking to ensure cost reduction and deadlines.




In addition to delivering high quality construction, we are innovative in keeping costs down, saving a lot of time and minimizing disturbance. Placing our customers' needs first is why the majority of our business comes from repeat and ongoing client relationships. We work in an open cost basis, so our clients always know what we are doing and what they are paying.


Our services are totally customized and our quality is assured through a well managed program of inspection. Our wide range of services goes since the project consulting up to the effective construction and commercialization.


If you are an international investor looking for amazing opportunities in the Brazilian real estate market, please contact us through the e-mail atendimento@ricosengenharia.com.br.